Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Its a Break During Spring

So, I'm on Spring Break right now, hench the lack of posting because, honestly, i'm not getting dressed!  Ive been in pajamas or gym clothes and have been doing a whole lot of nothing and it is glorious.  I was also sick all last week and am just now getting back to 100%.  BUT there is good news.. hubster has agreed to allow me to find a pair of wedges for the summer even though I promised to quit spending money!  Isn't he the besssst?!  I looked online and found quite a few that I wanted from, but I want to check out some stores before I commit to a pair.  Here are the ones that I have my eye on as of now: 
These are probably the front runner right now.

Ok I know they aren't wedges, but I still want them!

When I find the perfect ones I'll let you know!!

Goodnight World

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