Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Babies

I took pictures today while I was trying to rush out the door for class and I didn't look at them until now.. and OOOOOOOH goodness they are awful haha.  So because of that, today we will have something different to indulge in. 
Without further ado.. MY CHILDREN!!

Meet Nuzzle, the toy poodle, and Batman, the chihuahua!!!

This is my smallest baby.  His name is Batman and he just turned 2 in February.  He likes to sleep under the covers with his mama, look at people out of the corner or his eye (we call it his crazy eye), and try to eat noses.

This is the meanest, cutest dog ever.  Her name is Nuzzle and she just turned 3 in February.  She likes to crawl under the bed (as pictured above), attack kitties, and beg for treats from her grandma.

This is what I wake up and come home to everyday and I love them to death.  They keep me company while their daddy is gone in Iraq.  The majority of their day is spent either wrestling with each other, sleeping, eating, or harrassing the cats.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to take good pictures.. heres the best one from today just to give you an idea of what I wore.  The others were sooooooo bad haha.


The outfit
Jacket:  Forever 21
Tshirt:  Walmart
Scarf:  Forever 21
Jeans:  American Eagle
Shoes:  Target

Goodnight World!!


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