Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another day, Another Outfit

I wore this to class tonight.  Just something comfortable that I could sit in for 3 hours and listen to a lady talk about regression analysis. 

The Outfit
Shoes:  Target
Leggings:  Forever 21
Ikat print shirt:  Forever 21
Cream vest:  Sharagano Studio (bought from Marshalls)
Turquoise cardigan:  Molli & Mia (bought from Marshalls also)

Even from just having put up three outfits, I realize that a LARGE marjority of my clothes come from Forever 21..... And hubby hubster helps feed my addiction haha.  Thanks honey!

Oh, and I finally got some good quality pictures.. and now my eyes are red!  Cursed camera.. must figure out how to fix this.

Goodnight World!

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