Thursday, February 25, 2010

A look inside

As I promised in my first post, here are the pics of  inside my closets.  Yea I said closets.  Out of the 4 closets that we have in this house, i have taken over 3 of them, with my shoe overflow going into the laundry/dog room.  Without further interuption, here are the pictures.. get excited!!

This is the closet that is in the bedroom.  I have a rod that hangs down below the rod that was originally in there.  Over the door I have my scarves, hats, and bandanas.  Up on the top shelf are the jeans that I wear on a regular basis and some shoes.  There are also a few pairs of shoes on the ground that you can't see from these pics. 
The top rod is divided with dresses on the left side and long sleeves and blazers on the right.  The bottom rod has my zip up track style jackets, short sleeve tops, and tank tops. 

This is the closet in our office/my getting ready room/library/alteration station.  This one is divided into work and professional style clothes on the left and going out/party dresses, tops and skirts on the right.  In the middle there are more jeans and pants along with a cool circle hanger where all my belts are.  The top shelf has as many boots as I could fit.  Underneath the clothes there are two shelving units, one has tshirts divided into different categories and the other has bottoms (capris, shorts, and skirts).  And of course, in any spare space there are shoes.      
On the back of the door I hang purses and beside the closet is where I have all of my jewelry and my "getting ready station."  Special thanks to the hubster for allowing me to paint one wall pink!

This is the closet in the living room that has, you guessed it, more shoes.  The hubs has one shoe hanger and I have taken over the rest with my jackets  and the other shoe hanger is mine.  The top shelf has a container full of more scarves and gloves.

And this, as you can tell, is my shoe over flow.  We also keep all the other random odds and ends like board games, and doggie accessories in this area.

Well, I hope to one day do a video post of all of this stuff, but for now I hope you enjoyed my picture tour!!  I'm off to get ready for school!

Goodnight World!!


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