Monday, April 19, 2010


Like I said in the last post, I went thirfty shopping with my mom starting with a giant yard sale, then to a store called the New and Not Shop, then Goodwill, and Big Lots last. 

At the Yard Sale I got the two hats for a dollar each, the brown dress/tunic for 2 dollars (from Gap), and the purple dress (from Target) for 2 dollars. 

At the New and Not Shop I got the leopard print dress for 8 dollars.  Its a really nice dress, I just have to take it in a little in the bust and waist area.  I also found the jean vest.  I'd been looking for one of these for a while and was watching one on Ebay that would have been more than the $4 this one was. 

We then went to Goodwill where I got 4 of the 5 books for 99 cents each.  They are The Cider House Rules, Sleepers, The Road, and The Mummy (by Anne Rice).  The Goodwill here is actually really nice, I will be back to search and search when I'm in the mood to.

At Big Lots I got another book called The Printer's Devil.  My mom also got me another set of sheets for the bed which are sitting in the dryer now waiting for me to fold them haha. 

Also, the same day I got the shoes I ordered off of Ebay.  They are SO tall I feel like a giant.  Love it!!!  Thanks to the wonderful hubby hub hub and momma!!

Good Afternoon World!!

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